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Here is the mission home address for letters and packages:
Elder Connor Keetch Ottosen
Brazil Rio de Janeiro Mission
Dois de Dezembro 78
Salas 703/704 Flamengo
Rio de Janeiro RJ 22220-040
You can also e-mail him at
He can get e-mails AND now he can e-mail family and friends back!!!!!
THANKS for the letters! He says they are like gold!

Monday, April 9, 2012

Thanks for the packages

Hey Happy Easter!!!! As a matter of fact I got an Easter package from you last week!! Thanks a million! I have been reading parts of your mission to. Wow it makes mine seem like a wimp. hahaha but thanks a ton. Also tell Ashley thanks! I got a package from her to! I hope Easter was fun!!! And I hope Grandpa is feeling a bit better. This week was pretty normal and calm. Not a lot of people home from Thursday to Sunday because of the Holiday. Unfortunately  we didn't have any investigators in church. But it was cool I did a division with Diego, a 18 year old kid who leaves on a mission the end of this year. It was cool and we taught a few lessons with me directing and stuff. I won´t lie I am a bit anxious to be senior, lots of responsibility, Anyways we taught a woman named Elizabeth, I already talked about a little, She is really cool and really likes the ideas of the church. The only problem is she thinks that all churches are good, and you don´t really need church except in your heart. I guess in a way first we do need the right `church` or love for God in our hearts, but if it is true it will later turn into doing ordinances and covenants with God. I think I will show her the `faith without works is dead` scripture. But we have very few others progressing now, I think this week will be a lot of finding new investigators. I have been reading the New Testament right now and am almost done. Wow I wish I would have read it before, so so many good pieces of advice. I find a million new things every chapter. I have really developed a love for the scriptures and the words of the prophets. When I am able to when I return i want to study them more in depth and with only books too. Speaking of which when the Conference talks of April arrive, after you guys use them, do you think you could send me a copy of them, also fall of 2011. Thanks a million! Anyways-good luck for Romney against Obama. Wouldn´t that be awesome to have a Mormom President! haha But things are going good here in good ol´ Iraj√°! Temps are definitely much much better now without all the heat. I pray for you all and Love you all Tons! 

Love, Elder Connor Ottosen
Also Thanks a million for the history. I seriously love reading and learning about it, so thank you!!!!

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