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Monday, April 2, 2012

Conference on laptops

So first send my love to Grandma Ottosen for her birthday.  I love and miss her and all the things she has done for me throughout the years! Second, give my love to Grandpa Ottosen and get well wishes. I´m really glad he is doing better but keep my updated. I don´t know a lot of people tougher than him. haha.
Anyways conference was great! Honestly I loved it, we watched it in the stake center, and the American missionaries watched it in English on a laptop. I also really loved Jeffery R Holland´s and Dieter F. Uchtdorf´s talks. They are consistently good and I really loved the emphasis on love. Also I noticed that many talked on personal revelation, which I loved, a huge part of everyone´s lives. I unfortunately did not see David Archuleta, but haha that is way sweet! Unfortunately we only had one investigator go to conference, and it is a bit complicated, but maybe something he heard in conference will give him a motive to change. I think it was difficult because the stake center is about an hour away from Irajá by bus, a lot faster by car but no one has a car. haha. But we do have a family we found I am really excited about. Elizabeth was a reference, and she has a daughter, son, a mom that is interested and I think a husband. We talked to her and she knows the church through a young women’s activity. She was very interested in learning more and agrees with many points of the church. On for example is our church stressing a living Savior, not everything on his death. She also already knows about the word of Wisdom and thinks that’s great that we treat our bodies well. I am really exciting to see what happens. We have only met with her once but I will let you know next week what happens. Also this week we have the wedding of two recent converts that are way cool. They got baptized last year, but weren´t ready to marry so they decided to live separately. But on the 7th they will be married in the church and then go to the temple I think a little later this year. They have a non-member daughter that hasn´t been too interested, but maybe seeing her parent’s example will change that. Anyways I hope you guys have a great spring break! And enjoy crazy Utah weather, which I admit I miss. My comp thinks it is crazy weather to go from 100 to 75 in a day, haha so 80 to 40 would be a bit different. Also no we don´t have zone conference, but once every 3 weeks or so we will have mission conference with 2 zones. No plans for my birthday yet, haha maybe I find something cool to do. Oh I almost forgot, Quentin L Cook is coming to Rio and will talk to the missionaries April 24th!! I am super excited about this and am really looking forward to it! Anyways Love you all so much! Thanks for everything! And send my Love to everyone. Elder Connor Ottosen

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