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Monday, July 2, 2012

Head wound

Hey Family,
I actually had a head wound this week. Don´t worry though, nothing serious. I was walking over a bridge to pass over the train station, when I was wasn´t looking ahead of me and ran right into a low hanging block of concrete. You’re right when you say head wounds bleed a lot because my I put my hand up and it came back completely red. haha but we put pressure on it, and it stopped within 5 minutes. I have some good blood clotting! haha and we cleaned it up and it is all good now, just kind of funny how that happens. Wow The BSC is going playoff!!! That is great news! I will want to hear more about that! Haha And tell everyone getting married congrats! I am sure that all my friends who aren´t on a mission will be married by the time I return. haha.

So this week was alright. We have been stressing working with less actives, and hopefully through them find baptisms, also asking lots of references from members. We have a bunch we need to contact this week.
The problem with less actives is they were almost always offended in some way. People and their feelings... ahaha just kidding. But really they are just hurting themselves when they hold a grudge. It is never easy to forgive and forget, but it is the free medicine to any pain we feel from past offenses from others. Now if we can just help some of them do that. We did find a really exciting family yesterday. I am
praying that they are married. haha but they have four kids and really liked the message, hopefully we can get them in church on Sunday. After giving the message yesterday the mom, Tatiana, insisted that we stay for her to make cake for us. haha Hopefully that means that they at least enjoyed our lesson and want us back. Also on Saturday morning the ward had a service project that we participated in. We helped build a roof, by mixing and hauling concrete. It was fun to do some work with the ward, and we also got a reference of a guy who went to church. Eduardo, he is really funny and loved church! I think a part of the reason is because he loves talking with people and loved the social aspect. I have confidence that he will one day be baptized, but
surprise, he needs to get married first. haha but we will work with that. Anyways that’s about it for this week.

Talked to tons of people, usually kids, in the street who just want to hear us speak English or make fun of our accents. That gets annoying really fast. haha. Also I read a talk I really liked if you guys want to read it’s "our perfect example" by Henry B Erying in 2009. So while we were walking yesterday I just started thinking how great the gospel was, and how merciful God is with us. It is just amazing to me all the blessings he gives us just in this life, and not to mention the crazy opportunities we will have in the next. It just made me think of how this gospel is glad tidings of great joy, and I just want everyone to be able to fully understand what it really means for us. Well I hope you guys and having a blast! Take lots of pictures for me and have fun! Also Thanks for sending the package! Sounds perfect,
Love you all so much! Take care! Love, Elder Connor

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