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Monday, July 23, 2012

surprise investigator at church

Oi Família!! 
So another good week with Elder Lima! We are finding tons of new people to teach. We have almost 10 people that aren´t married but with a free marriage coming up here September 1st, so we are trying to prepare everyone we can. Yesterday in church we had 6 people lined up to go, but no one showed up at the beginning and I was getting frustrated. Then as a super blessing one of our non-married investigators brought a 19 year old friend, then one of our contacts on the street showed up, who is 17. I have almost never heard of a street contact going to church before being taught. It was super awesome and we are going to teach both and see about baptizing them this Sunday. We also had some contacts that had already been to the church lots of times in the past but never gotten baptized so we are going to work with them too.
Being a senior is a ton of work, every day we get home I am completely dead, we are working way hard, but I love it. I feel so satisfied and we are preparing this area to have lots of baptisms.
So the members help with missionary work, we can usually get some references and have the ward mission leader leave to teach with us, but we want to excite the ward a lot more. We are planning ward integration nights every Wednesday in hope to help the ward get excited about missionary work, and it seems to be working. The area hasn´t had tons of success recently but we are excited to change this.
Also had a cool experience doing contacts this week, we did a contact and the lady was a less active that had been thinking about returning. She saw the fact that we talked to her as a sign that she need to return and went to church yesterday! Man I love it when I can see that I was used to help make someone’s life better.
Another cool thing is I was called to give a 20 minute talked about respect in sacred places, I thought it would be hard at first but by the end I was excited to talk, and actually went over the time limit. Man what a change that is. haha
Hope Draper Days was a blast!! It is blessedly cold last week, in the 60s all week, hahah everyone here was complaining and in full out coats and scarves. Amazing... Tell Grandpa happy birthday, I will send a card to him when we make it to the post office. And tell Paige congrats on girl’s camp. 
Well I love you guys and hope that all is well. We can be happy no matter what our external situations if we are close to God. Thanks for everything and have a wonderful week! Cause I know I will. Love Elder Ottosen

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