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Wednesday, July 18, 2012

New comp

Hey!! Hope everyone is doing great in Utah!! Sorry this week will be a bit rushed.
So my new comp is Elder Lima da Silva, from Fortaleza, Brazil! He just has 6 days in the mission field and I will be training him for the next 12 weeks. It is funny because the missionary in his home ward is actually a missionary that was in my district in the mtc, elder orchard. Also everyone that arrived with me from the mtc is now at least senior. Elder Kerr my former comp is now zone leader. haha I knew he was a great missionary.
This past week has been lots of work, but lots of time to grow, really a great opportunity to train. Elder Lima already knows tons and really has a strong desire to serve. He is the only member in his family, but his family is supportive.
So this week we did lots of finding new investigators. We found a family of 6 that we will teach tonight, and I am really excited to teach them. We also have like 6 couples, many are willing to get baptized, but they need to marry. So we are also working on that. haha
There is lots of work to do this transfer and we are excited to get some baptisms and reactivations!
So the other day I was thinking about my faith. I came on the mission with faith, but all that strong. So I would constantly pray to have more faith. It is funny because there was never one specific moment on my mission where I can say, wow, ya right there everything change, but really after months it slowly grew and slowly and slowly until today I have such a strong testimony. I am so grateful to be a missionary.
Another thing I realized is that God is light, literally. It is like we are in a dark field, and it is the middle of the night without any stars or anything. There is a house on the other side of the field. We can´t see it in the dark, we don´t know anything about it, even if it exists. But as the sun starts to rise, we can first make out the borders, and slowly and slowly more details are understood. Until it is midday and we have a perfect understanding of the house and every little detail. The more the spirit and the Lord are in our lives, the more understanding and perfect knowledge we have of the gospel, until hopefully one day we can know every little detail. 
So tell Cole Happy Birthday! And Grandma also! I will write them both letters.
Hope the 24th is fun for you guys, one of my favorite holidays.
Love, Elder Connor Ottosen

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