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Monday, July 30, 2012

Traveling and training

Hey Family!! 
Wow what a week, without a doubt the most tiring week of the mission but it was good. haha. This Friday we woke up at 3 30 and took two buses to have training with Elder Costa, who used to be in the presidency of the 70. I learned tons and really felt the spirit there. He told us of this story about when he was mission president in Manaus and he had a missionary teach 150 people in one lesson, and baptize 47 in one day.. wow. Blew my mind. haha But it gave me more hope that we can have some baptisms soon. It was a bit frustrating yesterday cause we worked our butts off, and had 11 people that said they would go to church. We visited 7 yesterday morning and called 2, only one came.. haha but it happens. The one that came is Rafaela. She is 10 years old, and has a 16-year-old brother who is a member. He mom is inactive but Rafaela wants to be baptized next week so we are going to talk to her parents and see what happens. She is super smart and reads better that any of our other investigators. haha we have at least 2 that don´t know how to read so its complicated sometimes. But this is still going really good with Elder Lima, we are finding lots of new investigators and learning and growing tons. We had a division with the ZL´s last week and I loved it. I realized a bit more why it is so important to follow the spirit and not always what seems logical. Go to the back of the Bible and look at the Map of the Exodus. It makes no sense why Moses wouldn´t go up and over the red sea instead of directly into it, but he followed the spirit and it is what saved them, because if he would have gone up and over, probably the Egyptians would have caught and killed them I thought that was really interesting.

93 names! Wow congrats!! We had classes all yesterday about family history and the temple, I would love to be able to do lots of researching and temple work after the mission. Find any other cool stories or anything?
Unfortunately the weather is returning to heat, but the semi cold weather was great while it lasted. haha 
Anyways love you all so much and send my love to everyone there! Hope you guys have a great week! Love, Elder Connor Ottosen

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