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Monday, June 18, 2012

Down goes the mango tree

So wow it sounds like you guys are crazy busy, never a calm day. haha I hope that everything is able to work out and get fixed. Sounds like the BBQ would have been nice. WE also had a bbq for lunch this week. It was really good, a little bit different. I think my favorite meat is chicken heart, haha they make it even better than tucanos. Tell Paige congrats on the church talk! That is exciting. Also tell Cole congrats on the job. I hope everything is able to work out. Thanks for sending me all those pictures! Man I know it has only been a few months but everyone looks different! Crazy how fast things change. haha It scares me for that things are going super fast.
Man I for sure want to go on a church history tour sometime. I have gained such a greater appreciation for the church since I left on the mission. Maybe we could organize it to all go on a trip like that some day.
So teaching is going pretty good right now. We had a mom and her daughter go to church yesterday so I was really happy about that. It was just a contact on the street and she was really receptive to our message. The only thing is we are pretty sure she isn´t married, but we will find out for sure this week. Her name is Rosangela, we 
haven´t had a chance to talk to her husband yet. But besides that not really anyone progressing. We might start to work will less actives and through reactivating them find new investigators. It is a lot easy this way cause they investigators already have a member friend. We were able to get a less active member go to church yesterday. It was really cool cause he wanted to stay and look for a job, but he decided to go to church. And when he got home from church a guy showed up at his door with a job for him to do. It just goes to show the Lord will always bless us if we do what is right.
Unfortunately the lady with the drug problem we found drunk in the street this week, but we will continue working with her.
Oh I almost forgot, we did some service yard work this week. Our neighbor’s house had this huge old mango tree, so Saturday morning we cut it down. But we only had a dull ax so it took two hours and my arms and hands are super sore now. haha but it felt so good to do some outdoor work. I will have to send a picture soon.

haha so I got back that package I sent you guys for Christmas, haha who knows why it didn´t send. But the candy was super gross. I really want to buy something for everyone and then I will send a package.
Thank you so so much for everything you guys do.
With Love, Elder Connor Ottosen

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