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Monday, June 4, 2012

New area...and mosquitos!

Hola Family! Happy Birthday Mom and Dad! Hope you guys were able to do something fun.
So I have official left the city of Rio and am in the Area of Saracuruna. It kind of reminds me of how Nephi is compared to Salt Lake. Much much smaller, though still big. We actually live in Jardim Primaveira, and our area includes huge parts around. So there 
aren´t really buildings here over 3 stories, way less people, and tons of people use bikes to get around. There is one main street with all the businesses and the others are usually just houses. And oh how green it is. I just went from concrete jungle to more or less actually jungle. There are all types of fruit trees around here. Papaya, banana, tangerine, mango, and tons I don´t even know. Over all it is really cool, though it might be a little bit hotter and a lot more humid. As I already said Elder Connell is my new comp, he has one year and is from Nevada. Really funny and always has people laughing. I have only met a few members of the ward but they all seem very nice. They are a lot more humble in this area. Don´t worry there aren´t any favelas here, any danger is actually going to come from something a lot smaller, Mosquitos. I thought it was bad in the city, but it is crazy here. Even wearing repellant I think I have 25 to 35 bites right now. But really you get used to it. I will just have to be careful about sicknesses. So it is a lot lonelier here cause we actually live in a house slightly bigger, but with only two missionaries. It might take some getting used to. I am just getting to know our investigators, looks like we have a bunch, but they really aren´t progressing, so it might be a lot of finding others to teach. So yesterday was stake conference, which was actually regional conference to all of Rio and São Paulo. It was a broadcast from SLC and the prophet spoke along with some other leaders. I liked it a lot, they talked about keeping ourselves pure, and raising kids in righteousness among other things.
So basically I am really excited to work here. It seems to me the people are really receptive, maybe just a bit hard to have them actually do something but we will see about that. Hope things are going great in Utah!! Tell Cole congrates on Graduating! Hope you guys are able to do a vacation or something fun soon! With Love, Elder Connor Ottosen

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