Connor's Rio Address

Here is the mission home address for letters and packages:
Elder Connor Keetch Ottosen
Brazil Rio de Janeiro Mission
Dois de Dezembro 78
Salas 703/704 Flamengo
Rio de Janeiro RJ 22220-040
You can also e-mail him at
He can get e-mails AND now he can e-mail family and friends back!!!!!
THANKS for the letters! He says they are like gold!

Sunday, February 5, 2012

Keep on Keeping On

Oi! One transfer down, many more to go! haha. So yes I got the box with spices, and we pretty much have all the basics so don’t worry about that. If we don’t have something I will tell you. Thanks for the help of the addresses. Tell Cole congrats on battle of the bands! Sounds like it would have been very cool to see. I am doing great as always! We had lots of ward meetings yesterday to figure out how to get the members to work with us more. I think this will really help, for example we had probably 10 investigators planning on going to church, 1 came. It’s hard to get them to wake up especially when we can’t visit them all, so we are working on getting people to church right now. Nothing extremely promising right now, but Ill keep you updated. Lots of investigators, few progressing. But I love the work anyways! It really is awesome to bear your testimony and feel the spirit, know that they know also. We taught a class in Sunday school yesterday about the spirit, chapter 4 of preach my gospel. Really really good, i love that chapter and encourage you guys to read it. Anyways hope that you are having fun in Florida! Don’t party too much, haha Love you all and thanks for everything! Love Elder Ottosen

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