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Monday, January 21, 2013

The rain came down!

Hey family!
So this week we finally had an investigator go to church. It was really a tender mercy of the Lord. Church started and we had no one, so we went and did contacts during priesthood and Sunday school, but no luck. Then when sacrament started I noticed a woman that I had never seen before. Renata is the wife of a less active member. RonĂ© is starting to return to church now, and brought his wife yesterday. Tomorrow we will teach them. Sometimes despite our best efforts no one we are working with works out, but the Lord will always bless up, just sometimes not immediately. Anyways that is who we are working with right now. We have a good number of other investigators, but no one is progressing yet. So lets see what happens. 
This week we received a lot of rain, I mean a lot. Tuesday the streets turned into a river, and we were walking in water up to our knees. Also we figured out that our old, worn out house is not water proof, and leaks water, a lot, lucky not in our bedroom, haha. The weather is weird, one minute it is clear skies and heat, 10 minutes later it is a downpoor, then 10 minutes later it is clear again. It does this all day. 
Oh and we went to Floresta da Tijuca today with some members. It was really cool we got to see some cool waterfalls and stuff. We would have to go if you guys ever visited Rio.
Glad to hear the family is doing well. Send them my love. Love you all and have a wonderful Week!!!!!
Elder Ottosen

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