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Elder Connor Keetch Ottosen
Brazil Rio de Janeiro Mission
Dois de Dezembro 78
Salas 703/704 Flamengo
Rio de Janeiro RJ 22220-040
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Wednesday, January 16, 2013

Working a new area

Hey family!!!
Man strange weather it sounds like! Who knows what we will see next, haha. So this week was a bit better. Still no one in church, but we are finding some new investigators, and making some good plans with the ward. We found a woman, Teresa, knocking doors. She lives with her two adult sons, and was really interested to learn more. We are also starting to work in a new area. It is kinda far and we need to take a bus, but there are lots of houses, and the people are a bit more open. It is really weird cause most of our area is full of people on the streets always, the new area seems like a small deserted town in comparison. We also had interviews with president and some ward meetings about missionary work. Hopefully everything will combine together and help us get some results. But I talked in church yesterday. It is so weird, but I like talking now. I talked for 30 minutes, and I still had more things I wanted to say. haha The blessings of a mission. 
Anyways glad to hear things are good with the kids in School. Tell them good luck for me.
Tell Grandma and Grandpa super super thanks for the presents. Honestly it means the world to have grandparents like them. Also tell the ward thanks for the letter. I got famous people that we are related to! haha way awesome. Thanks.

Tell all the future missionaries good luck. 
Experience of the Holy Ghost and baptism: A missionary I live with baptized a Friar. The day before his baptize they got there and he had balloons in his house. He said tomorrow was his birthday because he would be born and a son of God. Right after he got the Holy Ghost he told the missionary he felt something really warm in his chest, and asked if this was normal.
Thanks for the love, the advice, and the help. You are all the best family I could every have, and make me so happy. 
Lots of Love, Elder Ottosen

Ps. Two cool things happened. One, found American Skippy peanut butter in a Chinese store this week! Needless to say I was estatic and bought it. Also you guys remember the alpine bike jump? Yeah well while walking past a TV store one of the TV´s was showing people going off the Alpine Bike Jump, so yeah, Alpine is famous in Brazil. haha

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