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Monday, December 24, 2012

Merry Christmas Eve!

Hey Family!!
Merry Christmas Eve!! I hope you guys are having a wonderful day! So Estela wasn´t baptized:(. She wasn´t home at the scheduled time for the interview and said she had lots of things to do, maybe she will be baptized next week but I can´t be sure. The coolest thing this week was Saturday. Remember I talked a few months ago about a man we met, an American, his mom was an Irish missionary that died in South Africa, and he does lots a missionary work too? We found him again last week and he invited us to go to a Christmas party at a children’s homeless shelter this Saturday. We went and it was really cool, 17 kids and teens that have difficult situations with parents or don´t have a home live there. Anyways because we went, he said he would go to the ward Christmas party Saturday night. He showed up with his wife and 4 kids and it was great. Before soon the kids were playing with the primary kids, the 14-year-old boy was playing soccer with the young men, and the young woman and hanging out with the young women. Then he started asking me about the book of Mormon and everything, so I started to explain about Joseph Smith. It was a really good experience.  Good thing Joe Jack gave me a book of Mormon in English that he got in the MTC, I held on to it this entire time, and it was perfect cause he wanted one in English, and I had one to give him! Anyways we have a few good people that we are teaching, but Estela is the only possible baptism for next Sunday. 

Wow it is insane how fast Christmas came. So today we are going to a bbq after emailing at a members house, then we will maybe pass by an investigators house? Tomorrow I will Skype you guys either around 8ish, or around noonish. Sorry I can´t give better info. At least it will not be 9 until 11, because we have a district meeting. So I have been loving the 12 days of Christmas still! The Genealogical Charts were awesome! And we had some fun with the Alaskan Snow, the other American in our house got a mini Chirstmas tree, so it really feels like Christmas! Yes I got the 4 packages, and no I have not gotten the 2 document packages yet, but I am sure I will.
Sounds like you guys are having an awesome time in Utah! Hope this is a Christmas to remember! I read Jeffery R Holland´s talk in the December Liahona today. Awesome, I feel a lot like that. It is not a Christmas with a big party, it is almost a normal day, but I am learning to really recognize it more than ever as the Birth of our Savior. How wonderful it is that he came into the world to save us. 
I love you guys more than every, hope that everything is going well and you guys are feeling the spirit of Christ. Can´t wait to talk to you guys tomorrow!


Elder Connor Ottosen

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