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Sunday, December 9, 2012

Christmas season and the 90's

Hey Family!!
So unfortunately Estela wasn´t feeling prepared for baptism, so we marked for next week. But then she disappeared and we haven´t heard from here since Thursday. I am guessing she went traveling or has been really busy. People are always going to the beach or Christmas parties during December. But we are going to keep trying with her. Also we had a streak of good luck, Thursday in the middle of knocking doors on one of the highest hills in our area (but not a favela) we found this guy that said we could return Saturday. We taught them Saturday and it was great. A married family with two daughters and were really interested. They will visit the church next week and we are going to take extra care visiting them with members and everything. Besides that everything has being going pretty slow unfortunately. We have some investigators that we are teaching that are super strong in their beliefs. It is interesting because we you look at things, it only makes sense that religions can only be true if God revealed eternal truths to someone. How can you discover eternal truths about God by just studying the Bible, or by trying to see what is logical? I am not attacking other religions, I am just so happy to know that I can get on my knees and receive truth from God, of receive direction from God through Prophets and scriptures. Anyways we have some plans to find new investigators this week, I will let you know what happens. 

Sounds like the Christmas party was fun! Glad you guys had a good time. 
So the pizza buffet was super delicious. Yes Barra da Tijuca does have tons and tons of shopping malls and areas. They are actually building the biggest mall in southern or Latin American there. But no it is not part of my area. Also no I have never been in the same zone as a sister. They have a few zones that they usually go to.
Oh and we are trying to plan to go to the forest that is in our area, but we need a member to take us by car.  There isn´t a whole lot more in our area that we can do. Maracanã is a huge stadium is in my district, but it is under reforms for the world cup. 
That is about it for this week. I am starting to feel a little like it is Christmas season, even though it is the high 90s, the have quite a few Christmas lights people put on the apartment windows and stuff. Hope you guys are doing alright. Love you all!
With love, 
Elder Ottosen

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