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Rio de Janeiro RJ 22220-040
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Monday, November 26, 2012

Visit from the presidente

Hey Family! Hope you guys had a wonderful thanksgiving!
Things have been going all right here in Tijuca. Estela finally went to church yesterday! She liked it tons, and we are going to return tonight to confirm her baptismal date of this Sunday. She is loving our visits, but I am a bit afraid that she is more impressed by what we do as missionaries, than of the Gospel. Joana, the woman that showed up in church, we weren´t able to contact her his week. She had tons of things going on, but said she would go yesterday. She didn´t show up, doesn´t answer her phone, and wasn´t home, I wonder if something happened. Anyways this week we are going to do some serious searching for new investigators. We have very few people to teach, and those that we have are never home. I think we are going to continue to visit members and start working out of the area book. It was cool cause on thanksgiving we got a call during personal study. Presidente was outside our house. Lucky that we cleaned. haha He had comp study with us and I learned a ton. He is really such an inspired man, and I felt a huge desire to work my hardest to baptize families here. 
So we didn´t do anything cool on thanksgiving, but we are going out to eat today at a really good pizza buffet, man I am excited. haha
So I am glad to hear you all had a wonderful time on Thanksgiving and last week. Man I won´t lie I am pretty jealous, but it´s all good, haha my time will arrive soon enough, probably faster that I want actually. It is so weird to think about snow and the cold, it seems so foreign to me now. haha So was the new Twilight movie really big there? I ask because there are Twilight posters on literally every bus and bus stop and everything. I have never seen a movie so popular here. haha
Man Kory is home and Tyler soon after. Man that is crazy. Tell them hi for me. haha
Anyways things are going great here. I am excited for the opportunities I am having, even if it is a bit difficult. It helps so much knowing I have you guys behind me. Helping me in everything. I am so grateful for my mission, my family, and my Savior. You guys should watch the church movie on Christmas, in Portuguese it is mundo feliz, maybe Joy to the World? It is really good and I felt the spirit really really strong while watching it. I love you all so much. Hope the spirit of Christmas and Christ are with you all. 
Love, Elder Ottosen

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