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Elder Connor Keetch Ottosen
Brazil Rio de Janeiro Mission
Dois de Dezembro 78
Salas 703/704 Flamengo
Rio de Janeiro RJ 22220-040
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Monday, November 12, 2012

training again!

Hey Family!!
So..... I am training again!! haha I will meet my new comp on Wednesday so I don´t know anything about him yet. But I am excited, I really liked the opportunity to train the first time and I am excited to train again. I will stay here in Tijuca for at least 3 more months now. Anyways this week was good but a bit slow. I am glad to have a new transfer to get all energized and excited. Alda decided to not be baptized yet because she is still attending other church. She says she believes in the Book of Mormon, but I think she doesn´t have a strong testimony yet, so we are going to continue working with her. Estela is still awesome. She couldn´t make it to church yesterday, but will go this week. She is so impressed by our church and us missionaries. Yesterday she said she wanted her daughter to marry one of us missionaries. Haha I had a good laugh at that. Anyways things were pretty normal this week. I also visited the dentist and the ortho this week. President didn´t have any recommendations so I asked some members. I went into the ortho to fix my retainer and left with a permanent retainer on my bottom teeth somehow. haha I didn´t really understand what she was doing until after, ask Dr. Brown if that is okay. It looks pretty sturdy and normal to me. 
So yeah unfortunately I heard about Mitt Romney. haha I am glad to hear that Grandma is getting better. And snow!!?? Man I am jealous. haha I am glad to hear about it though. And yeah I could look at going out to eat on Thanksgiving, because sometimes we don´t have lunch with a member. Also no Christ the Redeemer is really close, but not in my area. And I won´t be able to visit until the very last day of the mission. I also have not heard anything about missions being extended of shortened. Sounds like the ward is going well in Utah, lots of good talks! 
Sounds like things are going well.
Anyways I am loving the mission. Things are a bit slow here, but I am sure these next two transfers will be full of miracles, and lots of work. I love you guys so much
Love, Elder Connor Ottosen

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