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Monday, August 5, 2013

Raising the goals

Hey Family!
Man it scares me how fast time flies. haha. So it was a really good week this week. We were able to receive a lot of new training from president. He took all of our old mission goals and raised them, a lot, but gave us lots of motivation to reach them. Also we received a lot of training on how to better work with the members, and how to gain their trust. To achieve these new goals we are going to need a lot of their help. For this reason we had some meetings with the bishop and the ward mission leader. The church attendance has been around 85ish. We have a goal to raise it to 110 at the minimum by the end of September. I feel like the leaders are excited and ready to work. We had some really spiritual lessons this week as well, and had some good progress with some of the investigators reading and going to church. A good amount of less actives have promised to go to church this next week.  JanaĆ­na is probably our investigator progressing the most, but we are working with her to stop smoking to be baptized this week of the next. We are also constantly finding new families to work with, the big thing is just finding enough time to visit them all, because almost all of them are only available at night, and we received a new rule, that we can´t do divisions with members now. We are planning some activities that should start happening soon to get the members more excited, as a lot of the members are unexcited and depressed because of some difficulties in the ward. Overall I hope that I can stay here in the ward to help the bishop reactivate and baptize everyone possible to go way farther than just 110 people. 
I was thinking the other day how grateful I am to have learned so much on the mission. Things maybe I knew, but didn´t have a strong testimony before the misson, how much responsibility really is on just us. Excuses, even when valid, never help. We need to have faith, the right attitude, and work 100 percent to have miracles happen. 
So no my comp has never been to machu pichu. He lives in a mining city at over 10,000 ft above sea level, with lots of snow. Well fam, I think that is about it for this week. Hope everyone stays safe and is excited for school! Love you all so much!

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