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Monday, August 12, 2013

New area in ward becomes available

Hey Family! 
So a busy week this week, recently the police pacified a really big area in our ward, so we can now enter there without any problems. We are teaching a lot there, but it is a long ways to walk from our house. We are also having some success with Janaina, she fasted last Tuesday to stop smoking, she still is, but is getting a lot better. We also got a less active to church this week, Pedro. We are going to work a lot with his wife now who isn´t a member. Helping people to get rid of addictions really depends a lot of the person. If they have family members or member friends willing to help, this makes a huge difference, helping them to make specific goals, and accompanying them every step of the way. They usually need daily contact. And as we said, there is no replacement for fasting and prayer. As for reactivation, I love it when you can help someone have the real change of heart. Lots of times the biggest things are helping them to read and pray, while at the same time feel the love of the members. Some of the leaders in the ward really get excited for missionary work.

It is so weird to think of the changes that you say are happening there. Before the mission, I think I was generally not a huge fan of big change. Now I am learning a lot that you have to just enjoy where your at and what your doing at the moment. You can´t hang onto the past, as Dad has always taught, you have to live in the moment. 
That is cool to hear about the new stake president. I feel the same way, that it makes a huge difference. You really have to show true charity and love for the people for them to trust in you. 
Well I hope you and dad have a good time at deer creek. I was rereading some family history this week, man there are so many places I want to get to know now. haha. 
Anyways tell everyone hi for me, yet again. haha. Transfers are next week so let´s see what happens. I am excited though and hope to do a lot of good these next weeks. Love you all so much!! Love, Elder Ottosen

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