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Thursday, July 18, 2013

Change of plans

Hey Fam!
So sorry for not emailing yesterday, we had training all day long, and I just got time right now. It was District leader training with the president. He focused a ton on the doctrine of Christ, which is so important to always focus on. Literally the only way we will return to live with God is following Christ´s gospel.  So this week has been a bit crazy. Turns out my comp went home while he was in the MTC so I am not training anymore. My comp is Elder McIntire from California, close to LA. He has two years on the mission. In fact he was supposed to go home last week, but he is waiting one week for his twin brother who is serving a mission in Recife Brazil, so they can go home together. So I am going to stay with Elder McIntire until Thursday, and then we aren´t really too sure. President is trying to get a short-term missionary to work with me, but as of right now we really don´t know what is happening. I will probably be in the office until they can get me a new comp, so a few days. So that is that, pretty interesting. haha. But for the week we had together, we managed to do a good amount of work. We found some good families we are going to work with, and are making some progress with our other investigators. The guy who showed up at church unfortunately couldn´t be baptized because he had a college test on Sunday, so we are trying to get him this week, but it will depend if I am here or not. So real quick I want to tell you about our first visit with Rafael. It turns out that one day he was walking down the street, and stepped on an old friendship card. He got really interested in the Book of Mormon, so he searched on the website, then talked to some one on the website and then showed up at church! Pretty sweet. Also I did a cool baptismal interview the other week. This guy about 40 who was super excited to get baptized, and had only known the church for 2 weeks. I asked if he had anything to say, and he said that he wanted to say he was sad, because he didn´t find this church sooner; that this church filled out the empty part in his soul, and he was so happy to have found so many brothers at church. This was all because one of his coworkers decided to start talking to him about the church at work. Really cool. So besides that we had some other cool things happening with the ward getting excited and working, but we will see what happens with the rest of this week and everything.
Well anyways I don´t have too much time, but I hope everyone is doing well. Love you all so much! 

Love, Elder Ottosen

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