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Monday, October 1, 2012

Farewell Saracuruna!

Hey Family!! 
So I am leaving Saracuruna! My next area is Tujuca!!! I am super excited because it is in the center of the city, more or less close to Crist the Redeemer. My new comp will be Elder Marston. I don´t know him but he is a new missionary that only has two transfers. It should be a great transfer and I am really excited. This past week was lots of work but unfortunately not a whole lot of results. But remember that woman I talked about early, Cintia who was going to marry but the marriage was canceled? She was getting ready to separate from her husband because he was drinking tons. But she invited us over and we finally had an opportunity to talk with him. He is great and I pray so much that he can stop drinking so they can get married and baptized. Cintia is an investigator I will always remember, even though she didn´t get baptized with me. When we received her as a reference she was living really worldly and not very happily. Over the past 3 months I have noticed the change in her. It is hard to describe but exactly like a new life a light in her. This happens with lots of our investigators but I thought it was interesting just how strongly I was able to see it in her. Only Jesus Christ and his Gospel could do this. But besides this things are going well in Saracuruna. I think that the members are really trusting us and I am super excitied to hear what happens this next transfer. 
But that Missionary Mom meeting sounds like it was awesome! I almost died listening to the food you guys ate. haha But yeah that would be cool with the weather forecast and questions in bold. 
So I will translate the letter and leave it with Elder J Lima. I loved the letter, I remember that experience perfectly. Man it goes to show how the spirit talkes to other people for us sometimes when we aren´t listening. The Mom has 2 kids, one is a guy of 15 years that is a member. Also I haven´t seen monkeys.. yet. I have seen videos from other missionaries or monkeys though. haha I am dying to see some. 
Congrats to Cole on the new job!! And Paige on LAX! Sounds like things are pretty busy at home. hahah I laughed so hard to hear kade ate a pepper. Sounds like me. I actually have a desire to taste the one he tried. hahahaha
If you here anything about Jake let me know. 
Wow will send me pics of California and have lots of fun! I am jealous! hahah 
Anyways I pray you guys have a good week. The baptism of Maria was the coolest baptism I have had yet. We had a family night with her last night that was amazing. What a woman of Faith.
It is so true how we grow and improve on the mission. Before the mission I didn´t like studying the scriptures,  now I love it! I actually just finished the Book of Mormon in Portuguese today! What a wonderful book! I am really happy and loving the mission. It is interesting when you focus on the work, how you are able to find so much happiness (with a fair share of disappointments also. haha )
Have fun in Cali! Love you all!
Elder Ottosen

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