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Rio de Janeiro RJ 22220-040
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Tuesday, October 16, 2012

Clean, clean clean

Hey! Sorry I am just emailing today, everywhere was closed yesterday because it was a holiday. Labor day or something. 
So this week was a bit difficult. Man I miss poor areas. haha But me and my comp are working really hard to find new investigators. The area is really cool though. Lost of city and huge apartment complexes, and the hills are covered with favelas (That we can´t enter.) It is a ton ton different that my other areas. My members that I have meet are really cool. In church is was testimony meeting, no one was getting up so I went up and bore my testimony about missionary work. About how I wanted to see all the banks filled and have to have them open the curtain to put more chairs. It was really cool cause after that almost all the testimonies were about missionary work. Without a doubt it will be a great transfer. Last week we had a really inspiring zone conference with president. He talked a ton about obedience, and doing miracles in our areas. He is super spiritual and I learned tons that I will try to apply in my work here. He talked about how it is important to really apply what we learn. So many people go to church, or listen to conference, feel the spirit, and then return to normal. We need to really do what we learn. 
Also I got the journal, plus the one-year package and the Halloween package. Thanks so so so so much! My comp and me loved it. Haha Looks like the last package you sent only took 10 days to get here. So don´t worry about sending Christmas early, maybe the beginning of December. Also my shirt size is 16.5.
So living with 4 is more fun, I like it more. The only annoying things are the house gets dirtier a lot faster, and we have to walk longer to get to our area. 
So it sounds like you guys had a blast in Cali! Dolphins, Six flags, flea market? Wow I am jealous. Haha Say hi to Grandma and Grandpa for me. I wasn´t able to write them because yesterday we used the ENTIRE day cleaning the house, it was still horrible after one p day. But now I can actually feel the spirit. President said something interesting. We are hear on the Earth to progress and become more like God, one day be Gods. Gods house is perfectly cleaned and organized. Ours should be too if we want to one day be like him. It was cool because there are lots of problems with mistreated houses in the mission. Anyways wish Grandma luck with the operation.
And no I never did get that email of the week. Try sending it without pictures attached.
I love you all and am always praying for you all. I hope you guys have an amazing week full of miracles, because miracles will never stop as long as we have faith. 
With Love, Elder Connor Ottosen

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