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Tuesday, March 20, 2012

Looking forward to conference

Hey! Hope everyone is doing well! This week was alright but not a
whole lot of progress, our most promising investigators canceled all
the lessons, not quite sure why. But we just need to keep moving on.
The 13 year old kid that was baptized last week brought a friend to
church yesterday so that was good! We will try and teach her this
week. And we talked to a few less actives that said they have some
references to so we will see what comes of that. I have the last
session of training tomorrow so it will be cool to see my group from
the CTM again. Yeah it is crazy that it has already been 5 months.
Doesn´t seem like it at all. Time goes really fast usually, it scares
me at times that I will wake up in a week and be 50 years old or
something. haha
It is definitely a whole different world here in terms of wealth. Luckily
you don´t often see people going hungry, at least not here in Rio. It
is more just seeing people with a lot less, but it is inspiring to see
them make the best of things. Especially in the Favelas, but we really
don´t enter into them a lot. I’m glad to hear that people are really
getting involved in the government there. Nothing will ever change
unless we have a desire for it to change, and let that desire become
action. It depends of the day, but yes we usually do a lot of walking
from lunch to different lessons throughout the day. And I can almost
say anything I want to and my comp will understand. Sometimes I just
need to be creative with how I explain things. The language is coming
along great, I’m not perfect by any means but it is coming. Its great to
have two American elders to talk to and stuff. Most of the houses in
the misson are just 2 missionaries, so I’m glad to have 4. Christ the
Redeemer is about 40 or 50 minutes away by bus. If it is a really
clear day I can usually see a little from where we live. Unfortunately
I can’t go on Pday because it is not in our area, and we can’t leave our
area even on Pday.
Well I am really excited for conference here in 2 weeks. I have been
told that almost every investigator that goes to conference becomes
baptized. You can trust the Prophet. haha Hope everyone is doing well.
I send my love and Prayers. Elder Connor Ottosen

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