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Elder Connor Keetch Ottosen
Brazil Rio de Janeiro Mission
Dois de Dezembro 78
Salas 703/704 Flamengo
Rio de Janeiro RJ 22220-040
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Wednesday, March 14, 2012

Staying put for now

Hey! Looks like I´ll be staying in Irajá another transfer with my trainer! I´ll pretty happy about staying, I really like it in Irajá because the ward and bishop are helping us out tons. So we had another baptism yesterday! Gabriel, a 14 year old boy. haha He actually reminds me a lot of Kade. His sister is a member and he visited church and really loved it. He really bonded with the young men and actually wanted to be baptized last week but his mom, a non-member, wouldn´t let him. So he sister talked with his mom and asked if she had a righteous reason to not let him be baptized. She thought for a second and then took the paper and signed it. I think we will try working with her this week. Besides that it was a pretty calm. we had a tough time finding new investigators and lots of ours traveled or worked. But we will try hard this week and have some possible for next Sunday so we will see. It’s good because it is starting to cool down now. Usually more in the 90´s and it will continue to cool down. It’s interesting that a big city like this doesn´t have a temple. That is the goal of every member and missionary here is to have a temple in Rio. A giant problem is members becoming less active. I asked the other day and our ward has 1000 members, with only about 115 active. From what I have heard from members it is because Rio is such a wicked city, haha but we are here to try and change that, anyways I´m sorry to hear about Daylight savings. haha We had it here a few weeks ago so now we are only 3 hours apart. Unfortunately I wake up at 5:30 everyday still because I am used to the other time. Glad to hear that spring is starting! Man it seems like winter went by fast for you guys. I like the story you told me about the `no good` investigator. I really think that almost any person could be baptized, if only they had the right people to talk to and heard what they need to hear. You can see this when Ammon converted the King of the Lamanites, he had to do some very specific things. Just knocking on his door wouldn’t do it. But you really see the fruits of his labors. I have learned that we need to have patience and hope for every soul that we encounter.
 Thanks so much for all the work you´ve done to send packages. Thanks Mom for everything. You guys are great examples and I love you guys so much. Hope everyone is doing safe and well! Love, Elder Connor Ottosen.

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