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Sunday, March 17, 2013

Next stop, Rio das Ostras!

Hey Family!
Wow so this week was good, Flavia´s mom and sister got baptized yesterday. It was interesting because the first time we talked to Ruth, (her mom) about baptism she was firmly against it. Then this week her x husband showed up telling her tons of lies about our church. She got really worried, but decided to open the Book of Mormon, it opened to a page about married, and she was able to see that we don´t practice polygamy. But she still had tons of doubts about the church. Friday she finally decided to pray and ask for an answer. She got it, and decided the same day she would be baptized with her other daughter, really an awesome experience. Just if everyone would be so sincere and pray and ask like she did, haha. Satan didn´t stop though, cause while we were filling up the baptismal font yesterday, the water ran out. We did everything to fill it up, even used a fire hose, but the water ran out there too. haha. Finally we ended up baptizing sitting down. But everything worked out and I got super happy. Now Ruth and her two daughters are baptized. We also have a baptismal date for next Sunday of another investigator. We are starting to have lots of progress here.  This is why I got sad when I learned that I am getting transfered... Looks like my work here in Nova Iguaçu is done. And I am going a bit far this time. It is called Rio das Ostras. I have heard a lot about it. It is supposed to be a good area, so I am excited. My new comp is elder lamb, and I don´t know a lot about him, just that he is American.
So we let the investigator decide who baptizes, and the bishop decide who confirms. I baptized the other daughter, and Elder Barbosa baptized Ruth. 

You guys are in San Francisco! No fair, haha just kidding that is really awesome. Hope you guys were able to have a good time there. Let me know how it was. It is awesome to hear that everyone is doing well. Tell Cole hi for me. Sorry I have been so bad at letters recently, it has been really busy. 

Man it is crazy, all I hear about friends and the ward is marriage and missions. haha. Nobody will be home when I get back! haha just kidding. And about my birthday, honestly nothing special. I can wait to eat whatever food I haven´t eaten recently.

I am really happy to be on the mission right now. Man my testimony has been, and continues to be fortified. 
I love you all, thanks so so so much for the love, the advice, the prayers. 
Have a wonderful week!
Love, Elder Ottosen 

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