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Monday, August 20, 2012

God does answer prayers!

Hey Family!
We Baptized!! Finally the last day of the transfer too, haha. We have been teaching Lucas, the boyfriend of a member, he is 18 almost 19. He has been really interested but got a job where he works every Sunday. We didn´t really have lots of confidence that anything would happen. I fasted that we could find someone to baptize this week. Then on Thursday we went there and he had quit! I was so happy! but still didn´t think we would have a baptism this week, but Friday we had another lesson, he loved it, said he believed and wanted to be baptized. Saturday he said he receive an answer! He dreamt that he was in front of a pool really deep and big. He was really scared to jump in, but finally he jumped, and when he came out there was he girlfriend and her family waiting and smiling. He said he didn´t want to wait and wanted to be baptized Sunday! So yesterday he was baptized, and he even said he would consider a mission. It was really one of the tender mercies of the Lord, really shows that he tries people´s faith before showing the blessings. We also got another reference of a member that wants to get baptized next week! We will be working with her this entire week. Really it shows how much better it is to work with references, haha we have done about 680 contacts this transfer and until now no baptisms of contacts, but we still have many to teach. Another super cool experience happened. Friday we had a bunch of lessons fall, and so we thought of a reference of a recent convert/less active that I have never met. I had heard that she wasn´t interested from the missionaries before but we decided to go there. Her name is Flavia and when she came to the door she got a huge smile. Turns out that the night before she was really depressed, passing through some major difficulties in life, and she prayed telling Heavenly Father she missed the missionaries, and wondered if he could send them to talk to her again, the next day we showed up! Nothing cooler than being an answer to someone´s prayer, and Sunday she went to church! This week was a good one. Now I have just one more transfer training, but we are hoping to work a lot better with members and try and baptize a family. 
But anyways that’s what is happening here. The weather is starting to heat up again, 80´s and 90´s more often, bleh. haha 

Yeah we walk a pretty good amount, the members don´t really live close to each other so we are always walking, but it is good. Anyways things are going great here, I am so happy to be a missionary and be an instrument in the Lords hands to change people´s lives!! Really there is nothing that can replace the mission and I love it! I love you all and wish you a wonderful week! Love, Elder Connor Ottosen

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