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Monday, June 10, 2013

Working hard and meeting people ready for change

Hey Fam!
So this week has probably been the best week since getting here to Caxias. We worked hard, but things ended up well. We got 7 people to church, and one 17 year old with a baptismal date for next week. Israel, who is a reference of the bishop’s son. At first he was really cold receiving us, but after he read the book of Mormon this past week he became excited, and wants to be baptized. His parents are from another church, so we are planning a baptism really special to get them to feel the spirit as well. We also had some success with the news we found last week and found a bunch more this week as well. We are teaching the father of a member who is really interested. He even got off work and told his friend he couldn´t leave on Sunday so he could go to church. The only problem is that his ride didn’t show up for church. But José was all right, and next week we will personally pass by to take him. Also we talked to Thiago again, the less active brother who came to church last week. His mom came to church this week and was super happy, hugging everyone, and you could just tell she was happy to be back. Thiago told us what made him decided to return, he saw us knocking on his mom´s door, and remembered that he served a mission for 2 years, dedicated his life to the cause, and then just forgot about it. He said that is when he decided to return. It is funny because we were just randomly (or so we thought) knocking doors, and didn´t know that it was his mom´s house. We also got another less active sister to church, a mom of a member that was baptized 13 years ago, but hadn´t gone in many years. All she needed was some visits and encouragements. Also the ward is doing some youth competition over the next 6 months, and they are bringing lots of non-members, it is awesome cause then we can teach their entire families.  Anyways I was really happy about this past week, and I am sure this next one will be even better. 

Tell Cole congrats on the new job, if he is still working there when I get back, 
I´ll be callin him up a lot!! haha. How has been the mountain biking with Kade? And where did Paige go to camp? That is awesome to hear the fun things that are happening. Every RM we talk to says something along the lines of "If you think the mission is lot´s of work, just wait till you get home!" But it never ceases to amaze me, that through all the hard work and rejection, how happy I am here. How much God blesses those who love and follow him. He is so perfectly just. We were studying Alma 41 and 42 this week, which explains just that. What we really desire, not just want, but desire, we will receive! I love you guys and hope you have a wonderful week! This gospel is true, and the truth is what will literally set us free. Free from addictions, free from our own egos and passions, free from sin. I like to think that the Founding Fathers started this wonderful free nation, but God started the founding fathers. haha. Anyways have a wonderful week!
Love, Elder Ottosen

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